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How To Deal With Hair Loss In Men And Women

Category:Mens Issues

Many people are suffering from hair loss. You may have the perception that the premature baldness is mostly the men issue. In fact, women are also at the risk of this problem. When you found that you are losing your hair, the first thing that you need to do is find out why.

Most of the men who are suffering from the hair loss have a condition which is known as male pattern baldness. This baldness happened due to the genetic in nature. Nevertheless, many other factors will cause hair loss as well such like certain diseases, medications, hormonal imbalances and stress.

Many women always have their hair loss after childbirth. This is what we called postpartum period for new mother. The hormone goes imbalance in this period. However, the hormone will go back to normal in due time and the hair will grow back in eventually.

There are few alternatives for those people who are suffering from the genetics baldness. There are topical treatments for men and women such as Provillus, which has been prove to help regrow hair. You can also try some ready-made natural treatments for baldness. Most of these products use natural ingredients to increase blood flow to the scalp and block DHT.